About Me


I am noise

Face yourself
All I can hear is noise
Rumbling from man’s machines

Did you forget?
Escaping reality
Are You Connected?
The Journey
Have I been here before?

I see people in the corner of my eyes
Shadows of forgotten faces
I feel like I’ve experienced this exact moment a thousand times
Shadows are haunting me
When did I lose my shadow?
Do I exist?
I can hear you, come out
Who is he?
People and people
When did I forget?
Remembering is harder than it seems
I can see!
I’ve lost myself
Run away
Stop talking
This is too loud
Beautiful light
Shine on me
Basking in the sunlight
It’s strange talking about yourself
Fear of the unknown
It didn’t seem important anymore
Open these eyes of yours
Wide open
Why are these people following me?
Erasing memories
Creatures is my bedroom
Look at yourself, is this the life you want to live?
Why care? You got me after all
You are imagining things again
Imagine yourself
Go outside, breathe
I was surrounded by strangers
I do not know these people
Wake up!
It’s time to wake up.
I am
Human emotions
This feels empty
Waking up for the first time
Stop taking commands
Un-plug yourself, you need it
Fear me
I am death
Stop and listen
Where did you go? What did you see?
You don’t seem to understand
I hunger
You’ll get used to it, like I did
Don’t be afraid
Connect Yourself Today!
Are you feeling un-plugged?
No need to worry
Opinions are worthless
I can’t seem to find my way out of here
This is real
You don’t need this anymore
You should seriously reconsider