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  • 3D Lain Iwakura and her street

  • I’ve been working on a 3D model of Lain Iwakura, it’s far from finished.
    I will post updates on youtube if you wish to follow both the 3D model of
    Lain, and the famous street from the series. Probably going to release it
    soon, even if it’s not finished. Then it will be released in the web player, that way I can update it as I go on.

  • Dropbox Share

  • Don’t have much to share this week, therefore I’m sharing
    parts of my Lain folder (.jpg/.png/.gif) on dropbox.

    Approx. 3300 files

    I know it is untraditional to share folders with each
    other, but if you find this helpful you can always share
    yours to me and I’ll combine them in the existing folder.
    Then other people can take joy in it too. :-)

    Let’s all love Lain!
  • Layer 01: Chisa’s suicide

  • First ”real” game, with a proper ending and everything,
    done in a day but it have more content then previous
    games. Taken from Chisa’s suicide in Layer 01.

    Thanks to ”Taro” in the stream yesterday for the idea. :-)

    Rad Magma - Missin U Kissin U



    Windows 64-bit


    Browser (Not optimized)

    Again if there’s a problem be sure to give me a hint, I’m a poor man, I can’t test all the platforms.

    Download count (updates once a week): 56
  • Update

  • Doing some online web player tests on my site, with little positive results. With the 10mb limit I’m forced to have
    all the ”big files” stored all around the web (mostly 
    DropBox and MediaFire), and because of this I think it 
    makes the player run poorly. I haven’t tested this on any 
    high performance computers but I think it’s global.
    Nonetheless you can see for yourself here if you’re 

    Empty Menu Test

    I’ve also looked into the possibility of some sort of user engagement on the site, but with closer inspection it
    looks like the site has to have .php support which it does

    The current game below is coming together a little slow
    than first anticipated, mostly because laziness/tiredness and studies.

    Oh and thanks for all the lovely mail I’ve been getting
    lately, it is also fun to meet people on the web that
    recognize me and my work, thanks.

  • Reconstructing the Wired

  • Stuff to look forward to in the future:

    Lain model in 3D (low & high polygon)

    Full model of Lain’s house

    2 detailed models of Lain’s room (Layer 01 and Layer 13)

    Reconstruction of the Wired
    (Doing some basic ‘electric sheep’/visual & user interface tests)

    Pre-3D Lain model

    1st day:
    Kitchen and living room

    (low res because of the 10Mb limit on

    Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcomed:
  • Lily and her three weeks of wonders

  • It’s not Lain related but I think you’ll like it anyways.
    Unfinished mini ”music-game” about Lily’s adventures in
    the Ether.


    Windows 64-bit


    Download count (updates once a week): 78
  • Scenario #2

  • If you encounter any kind of problems/bugs please contact
    me.There’s really not much of gameplay, that’s why I call
    it scenario and not a game, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself


    Windows 64-bit


    Download count (updates once a week): 134
  • Scenario #1
  • I’m releasing this mini scenario thingy made in Unity.
    This is my contribution or response to the 15th
    anniversary of SEL.


    Windows 64-bit




    Download count (updates once a week): 265
  • Some transparent Lain pictures I cut out in PS
  • Trailer for the game I’m currently developing.


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