fauux.neocities.org 10 years old!


This website is now over 10 years old, I want to thank everyone who have visited or supported me over the years. The whole visual style of this website started because Neocities had a 10mb storage limit back then, which meant I was forced to compress all images. This is how the dithering effect came to be.

Wodny studniarz błaznów


A co jeśli nie można znaleźć
zbawienia między przewodami?
Co wtedy, poszukiwaczu?

35 million views!


Wired Sound for Wired People is already over 9 years old. Time never stops moving. I'm eternally grateful people still visits my site in such large numbers still to this day even after I've taken a long break. I hope this website has inspired people to watch SEL as my main goal was when making this website.

I'm still trying to update and maintain this site. It's been hard trying to figure out how to do autoplay on audio these days, which was a big part of this site.

The new guestbook have also been a huge positive surprise, so many nice people leaving their grafitti on our collective prison walls.

New external guestbook


Then I went down into the basement where my friend the maniac busies himself with his electronic graffiti. Finally his language touches me, because he talks to that part of us which insists on drawing profiles on prison walls. A piece of chalk to follow the contours of what is not, or is no longer, or is not yet; the handwriting each one of us will use to compose his own list of 'things that quicken the heart,' to offer, or to erase. In that moment poetry will be made by everyone, and there will be emus in the 'zone'.

New external guestbook

Documenting the Æther


The Æther, also known as Ether, the Wired, or the Zone, is a unexplained domain that millions of people have experienced at least once in their lives. It is a place where people can feel a range of emotions, including euphoria and despair, and where they can observe themselves without any control. The Æther is often misunderstood and is often thought of as fantasy or daydreaming.

The Wired is a human-made attempt to recreate the Æther, but it is a flawed and corrupt version of it. While technology can create a shared human experience, it is not capable of making people aware of the Æther. In contrast, the Æther is pure and free of earthly concerns such as greed, hate, and insecurity.

This project is intended to help me collect my thoughts about the Æther and to provide assistance to others who have experienced it. More pages will be added over time, and I encourage you to take your time to read and consider the information presented:


Virtual Reality Rave!

-Chimera 天地


2021.html pt.2





Thank you to the people who solved the puzzle.

две тысячи двадцатый


Защищенный паролем файл PDF

Stand by...


Thank you to the people who solved the puzzle.

3 Million Views: A New Chapter


It's a steady stream of curious people visiting my site. I'm happy to see so many people visiting and enjoying this site. I don't understand really what drives people back to this place. The aesthetics, the music, the strangeness, I don't know. My only guess is that I can communicate the the people of the web, evoking emotions for emotionless people, that the site taps into something in us as a "pioneering" group. All the pages on this site was made through my thoughts and emotions. It comforts me that other people out there can relate to my thoughts.

The site has not had many updates, that saddens me. I'm starting to realise after months of denial that I've lost the spark that Lain gave me. I get bored easily, I've always have. I want this site to be dynamic, I don't want this site to be endless repetition of the same methods and colour palette. I've started to realise that only using Lain as theme holds me back, creatively speaking. It becomes routine.

If you're still waiting for those unfinished Lain games, I will most likely not ever finish them. In best case scenario I'll release what I've made so far, but I'm really lazy and there's a bunch of work that needs to be done on that front.

I will most likely still be making pages but with various colours and themes. All on this site will still be dedicated to web culture, obscure music, japan, post/transhumanism, nihilism and escapism.

Here are some of the pages that I've been working on the last year that you've maybe missed:

statue 01
statue 02
statue 03
statue 04
statue 05
statue 06
statue 07
statue 08
statue 09
statue 10
statue 11
statue 12

One Million Views!


This site has now over 1 million total views and with around 6000 unique visits each day, I'm extremely happy to see people still find interest in my many and small projects I puke out what seems to be completely random. Please understand that I'm not consistent or structured with anything I say or produce. I'm glad so many people can find joy and satisfacti… Read More

Also check out the 404 page for more cool people.

Also check these out: unorgz

I would like to write more but I'm a lazy cunt :,-(

Happy years to come, see you in 2003! :-)

~G/H collection


Made a new digital gallery for everyone to enjoy. I think it will be most enjoyable for pixel-perfect people. Please take your time to scroll down and study each image.

~G collection
~H collection

Rough animations:


On another note, here's my twitter if you want a more direct connection to my stuff.

Not Dead


Thank y'all for all the lovely mail, I've had some good conversations!
218 600 views proves that the spirit of Lain lives on! Let's all love Lain!
Added a new page, updated the 404 page.

3D Lain Iwakura and her street


I've been working on a 3D model of Lain Iwakura, it's far from finished. I will post updates on youtube if you wish to follow both the 3D model of Lain, and the famous street from the series. Probably going to release it soon, even if it's not finished. Then it will be released in the web player, that way I can update it as I go on.

Video of Lain Iwakura in 3D (YouTube)

Dropbox Share


Don't have much to share this week, therefore I'm sharing parts of my Lain folder (.jpg/.png/.gif) on dropbox.

Approx. 3300 files

I know it is untraditional to share folders with each other, but if you find this helpful you can always share yours to me and I'll combine them in the existing folder. Then other people can take joy in it too. :-)

Let's all love Lain!

Layer 01: Chisa's suicide


First "real" game, with a proper ending and everything, done in a day but it have more content then previous games. Taken from Chisa's suicide in Layer 01.

Thanks to "Taro" in the stream yesterday for the idea. :-)


Rad Magma - Missin U Kissin U


Windows [Dead link]

Windows 64-bit [Dead link]

Mac [Dead link]

Browser (Not optimized)

Again if there's a problem be sure to give me a hint, I'm a poor man, I can't test all the platforms.



Doing some online web player tests on my site, with little positive results. With the 10mb limit I'm forced to have all the "big files" stored all around the web (mostly DropBox and MediaFire), and because of this I think it makes the player run poorly. I haven't tested this on any high performance computers but I think it's global. Nonetheless you can see for yourself here if you're interested:

Empty Menu Test (Gone(?))

I've also looked into the possibility of some sort of user engagement on the site, but with closer inspection it looks like the site has to have .php support which it does not.

The current game below is coming together a little slow than first anticipated, mostly because laziness/tiredness and studies.

Oh and thanks for all the lovely mail I've been getting lately, it is also fun to meet people on the web that recognize me and my work, thanks.

Reconstructing the Wired


Stuff to look forward to in the future:

Lain model in 3D (low & high polygon)

Full model of Lain's house

2 detailed models of Lain's room (Layer 01 and Layer 13)

Reconstruction of the Wired

(Doing some basic 'electric sheep'/visual & user interface tests)

Pre-3D Lain model

1st day:

Kitchen and living room

(low res because of the 10Mb limit on Neocities)

Playlist of my 3D project (YouTube)

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcomed:

Scenario #2


If you encounter any kind of problems/bugs please contact me.There's really not much of gameplay, that's why I call it scenario and not a game, I hope you'll enjoy yourself anyways.

Windows [Dead link]

Windows 64-bit [Dead link]

Mac [Dead link]

Wallpapers Part 1


11 wallpaper files [Dead link]

Transparent Lain pictures part 4


27 .png files [Dead link]

Transparent Lain pictures part 3


27 .png files [Dead link]

Transparent Lain pictures part 2


27 .png files [Dead link]

Scenario #2


I'm releasing this mini scenario thingy made in Unity. This is my contribution or response to the 15th anniversary of SEL.

Windows [Dead link]

Windows 64-bit [Dead link]

Mac [Dead link]

Some transparent Lain pictures I cut out in PS


22 .png files [Dead link]